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Haven Asbestos Detection & Solutions have the qualified personnel to help you find the solution for dealing with asbestos in your home or at your business premises.

Asbestos-related diseases account for over 3,500 deaths each year creating what is the biggest single cause of work related deaths. There are three types commonly encountered types of asbestos: blue (Crocidolite), brown (Amosite) and white (Chrysotile) asbestos. All forms are potentially dangerous; however, research has shown that blue and brown are significantly more dangerous than the white.
There are three asbestos related diseases that are invariably fatal: asbestosis, lung cancer and Mesothelioma.


Not all Asbestos has to be removed.

Air monitoring and specialized techniques and equipment can save time and money, yet still make an environment safe.

The Control of Asbestos at Work regulations-May 2004 dictates that ALL workplaces and public buildings are required to have had a survey carried out to detect any potential asbestos that may be present.

Most people are exposed to low amounts of asbestos present in the atmosphere with no ill effects.

Asbestos fibres and dust are potentially very dangerous if inhaled in higher concentrations over a period of time, when they can cause serious lung diseases including cancer.

The symptoms of these diseases often do not appear for between 20 and 30 years after exposure to asbestos.



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